The 11 Dog Food Label Tricks Every Owner Needs to Know

Health-conscious consumers are skilled at deciphering nutrition facts labels. We know to monitor our sodium intake, avoid carrageenan and high fructose corn syrup, and understand that even organic, all-natural potato chips are still chips. Pet food products, however, remain a mystery. Pet food marketing aims to paint a picture of health (think: images of farms […]

Superfoods in Your Kitchen: Carrots for Dogs

With a satisfying crunch and plenty of dietary fiber, carrots make a wonderful snack for your dog. They are a star ingredient in any fresh, homemade diet and have the kind of nutritional benefits a healthy dog owner would dream about.  The Stats: A medium carrot contains about 25 calories with almost no fat, nearly […]

Ten Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe This July 4th

Fourth of July is synonymous with a few notable activities: barbecuing with family and friends, soaking up the sun, and topping the night off with a brilliant fireworks display. While it may sound like an idyllic day off work for you, your dog likely doesn’t agree. A backyard crowded with strangers, combined with the unfamiliar […]

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