How Much Sleep Does Your Dog Really Need ?

Without realizing it, we think a lot about our dogs’ sleeping habits. We buy them fancy beds (but typically tend to let them sleep in our own), and laugh at the silly positions they find themselves in as they doze off. We even take them on long walks to get out their energy and jumpstart […]

Why Does My Dog Steal Socks ?

We got Winnie when she was seven weeks old. Born and bred – quite literally – in rural Pennsylvania, she was small, sweet, and destined to love playing fetch with the kids. For my parents, who had three kids below the age of 10, this pure-bred cockapoo who never shed was nothing short of a […]

How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away

Growing up, our family Labrador would run away almost weekly. I still remember jumping in the car and going to search for him, hoping he hadn’t been hurt. Luckily he survived his many adventures, but not all dogs are as fortunate. Having a dog go missing is an emotional and challenging experience, but by understanding […]

How Your Therapy Dog Can Change Someone’s Life

Dogs never cease to amaze us, whether they’re communicating or teaching themselves new tricks. Therapy dogs go a step even further, as they can help improve a host of mental and physical ailments. Here is a closer look at what therapy dogs do, the science behind their efficacy, and the steps you can take to get […]

What Family Really Means to Your Dog

Whether you prefer your turkey deep fried or roasted and your potatoes mashed or sweet, Thanksgiving has one universal truth: it’s a time to be with family. You may love your Aunt Carol’s apple pie, but most pet owners would still prefer to give thanks alongside their dogs than some of their human relatives. We […]

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