The 11 Dog Food Label Tricks Every Owner Needs to Know

Health-conscious consumers are skilled at deciphering nutrition facts labels. We know to monitor our sodium intake, avoid carrageenan and high fructose corn syrup, and understand that even organic, all-natural potato chips are still chips. Pet food products, however, remain a mystery. Pet food marketing aims to paint a picture of health (think: images of farms […]

Superfoods in Your Kitchen: Carrots for Dogs

With a satisfying crunch and plenty of dietary fiber, carrots make a wonderful snack for your dog. They are a star ingredient in any fresh, homemade diet and have the kind of nutritional benefits a healthy dog owner would dream about.  The Stats: A medium carrot contains about 25 calories with almost no fat, nearly […]

Does Your Dog Need Probiotics, Too?

If you’ve read a health blog in the last five years, you probably know that probiotics are good for your gut. But do these live microorganisms also benefit your dog? Here’s the basic science. Probiotics are good microbes (either bacteria or yeasts) that live in the digestive tract and help fight off the growth and activity […]

The Truth About Table Scraps for Dogs

Winter is a golden opportunity for our dogs to make their way under heaping, warm dinner tables, sniffing for scraps of garlic potatoes and roasted chicken. It’s a good time to review the most dangerous foods for your dog (toxic ingredients like onion and garlic are often hidden in dishes like soups and stews), but […]

6 Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Fresh, Real Food

Over the past decade we’ve wised up, swapping microwaved TV dinner trays for fresh vegetables and balancing yoga poses with lean protein. Our evolving perspective on the traditional American diet has bolstered our understanding of the undeniable power that food has on health. This journey to better health has been all-inclusive, spanning across multiple generations […]

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